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Suzie Bao: Racial representation in mentorship matters for business growth

January 25, 2023 Season 1 Episode 56
Small But Mighty Agency
Suzie Bao: Racial representation in mentorship matters for business growth
Show Notes

What’s one of the best ways to grow faster and avoid painful mistakes? That’s an easy one for me: getting a mentor. 

As a business owner, having mentors helped me gain experiences not shared in books found on bookshelves; I’ve benefited from a better understanding of their wins and mistakes. 

But mentorship isn’t just for a business owner; it's also for your team and helping them reach their highest potential. 

Today, we’re talking about diversity, equity and inclusion in marketing and marketing agencies and, more specifically, ethnic and racial representation in mentorship.

A Harvard Business Review article titled Truth About Mentoring Minorities: Race Matters inspired this episode. It took me back to when I started my agency career and what I wished was more available.

If mentorship is important to you, tune into this episode. 

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Truth About Mentoring Minorities: Race Matters

Asians In Advertising:


“Less is More” is how you scale a service-based business

How do I know this? I can 100% relate to where you are now.  You feel like you’re wearing too many hats and can’t do it all… 

I know that if you create a complex business that makes you feel trapped, you will never want to grow your business. You’ll do little (or big!)  things to self-sabotage growth because you don’t want to scale overwhelm; nobody does. 

I’ve been there.

I learned this lesson as the second in command of an agency. I could not turn off my brain and relax because I would worry about what was and wasn’t being done. 

 It wasn’t until I looked at the business from a productized service perspective. It gave us more bandwidth to double the revenue and sell and exit the business.  

Since then, I’ve been behind the scenes of six and seven-figure service-based businesses, helping agency owners who are at capacity get out of being stuck in service delivery to scale. 

It all starts by looking through the lens of a productized service. Download the FREE productize your service roadmap:

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