Small But Mighty Agency

Navigating the Messy Middle to Build Your Agency

June 14, 2023 Audrey Joy Kwan Season 1 Episode 66
Small But Mighty Agency
Navigating the Messy Middle to Build Your Agency
Show Notes

What is the messy middle?

The messy middle is the transformation phase, where you get out of client delivery and grow your business with a lean team.  

If you’re a marketer, consultant or creative who turned your skill and expertise into a service-based business, odds are you started your business for more opportunities and freedom.

As you scale your business from just you to three, five or twenty, you unknowingly (or knowingly) hold onto freelancer and solopreneur habits that no longer serve your direction, and you end up overwhelmed. 

Welcome to the messy middle. Now what?

If you think about it differently, the messy middle is a milestone because only some get to this transformation phase. 

To get through the messy middle, it's time to remove the freelancer or solopreneur hat and put on the agency owner hat. 

Tune in as we share the common habits that keep you stuck in the messy middle and how to navigate through this phase and come out stronger. 

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